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Wholesaler of medical cannabis Drapalin®


DRAPALIN Pharmaceuticals GmbH is a certified importer and wholesaler of medical cannabis of the highest pharmaceutical quality. Our product range consists of various varieties of flowers of the plant Cannabis sativa L., produced according to the EU GMP quality standards. We have set ourselves the goal of constantly improving the supply with medical cannabis in Germany and thus the well-being and quality of patients’ lives. To this end, we provide doctors, pharmacists and wholesalers not only with a high-quality product that complies with the regulations of the German market, but also with comprehensive information support on a high service level through our seamless logistics network. Our goal is to build a trustworthy relationship with the medical community, both as a wholesaler and in the future as a manufacturer, in order to stand by them as an ever-reliable partner.


The Munich-based core team includes highly qualified experts from the pharmaceutical, legal and economic fields. In addition, DRAPALIN draws on a network of competent specialists with many years of experience in cannabinoid-containing medicinal products. Thus, our competencies extend to all areas related to the product.


DRAPALIN and its supply chain partners have all the certifications required for the production, importation and distribution of medicinal cannabis. We are working on a constant expansion of our product range with the aim of offering all relevant medicinal products in the field of phytocannabinoids. In the long term, we plan to expand our range of medicinal cannabis flowers to include prescription CBD/THC extracts.

Medizinisches Cannabis
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Cannabis has been used as a medicinal plant in many cultures for thousands of years. After decades of prohibition, medical cannabis can be prescribed by doctors in Germany since March 2017. Thanks to a large number of scientific studies, more and more countries are recognizing the health benefits and the potential of this new treatment-option. Around the world, national markets are gradually opening up to the controlled dispensing of medical cannabis to patients. In addition to phytocannabinoids, the medicinal cannabis flowers contain, among others, the essential plant ingredients terpenes and flavonoids, which play an important role in the entourage effect (the synergy of the various active ingredients).


Since we, as a wholesaler of cannabis-containing medicines, are not allowed to publish detailed descriptions of the pharmaceuticals covered by the Narcotic Drugs Act, we provide all relevant information to physicians and pharmacists in a separate login area of our website. If you have any further questions, you can personally contact our expert team via our telephone hotline. Our specialists will be happy to inform you about our cannabinoid-containing products and about possibilities to efficiently cooperate with us as a wholesaler. Patients and interested parties can obtain information about our medical cannabis and its therapeutic benefits from their doctor or pharmacist.



As a registered wholesaler for medical cannabis, we are committed to bringing high-quality medicinal products to market throughout Germany from our location in Munich. It is important for our company that GDP and GMP requirements are not only written down on paper, but also lived in daily work. It is therefore a matter of course for us that the production and distribution process is constantly monitored by experienced specialists. This is the only way we can guarantee the high quality of our products and ensure patient safety. We also see long-term partnerships with pharmacies as the basis for meeting the expectations and needs of as many customers as possible.

Highest quality
Excellent quality of medical cannabis products
Quality Control
We ensure the quality and safety of our drugs and active ingredients through comprehensive and regular operational controls
Proven partners
We work within a network of established companies and attach great importance to a careful selection of our partners and suppliers
We work according to the highest GDP standards


If you want to produce or sell medical cannabis, we offer you competent support in the implementation of GMP quality standards. Starting with the inspection and evaluation of the production process up to the sale, our company is at your disposal.


Step 1
Cannabis cultivation
Step 2
Cannabis harvest and grafting
Step 3
Quality control
Step 4
GDP transport to Germany
Step 5
Quality control in Germany
Step 6
Delivery to the pharmacies


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