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In addition to ordering in the medical community section, you have the following ordering options:

Is it legal to buy cannabis in Germany?

Cannabis cannot be bought that simply in Germany, only a pharmacy can do that. However, since the “Cannabis as Medicine” Act came into force on March 10, 2017, the prescription of cannabis for medical purposes has been legal in Germany. This is done after an appropriate medical assessment in the case of a serious illness via a so-called narcotic prescription (Betäubungsmittelrezept, or BtM in German). The patient must present the original copy of the BtM-prescription to a pharmacy. The patient may also receive separate written instructions from the doctor on how to take or use the medical cannabis correctly. This must also be presented to the pharmacy. All of this also applies when ordering medical cannabis from an online pharmacy.

So how can pharmacies order medical cannabis? To order cannabis as a prescription medicine from DRAPALIN, pharmacies have the option of ordering online as well as by phone, fax, email, or the MSV3 interface.

Who can order cannabis on the DRAPALIN website?

Only pharmacies can order medical cannabis in the DRAPALIN “Medical Community” section. The medical cannabis is delivered to the ordering pharmacy, which then dispenses the medicine to the patient.
In summary:
  • 1Physicians prescribe medical cannabis using a BtM-prescription.
  • 2Pharmacists place an order via the DRAPALIN website, for example.
  • 3Patients can obtain the medical cannabis at a pharmacy by presenting the BtM prescription.

DRAPALIN also accepts cannabis orders by phone at 089 277 801 333, via fax at 089 277 801 333, or by email at

If you would like to order directly via your pharmacy software, you can easily find us as a supplier in your system. You can find instructions for ordering via MSV3 ordering procedure in our “Medical Community” section.

How do I order medical cannabis as a pharmacist?

An order for medical cannabis by pharmacies can be placed through the “Medical Community” section of DRAPALIN’s website as follows:
  • Click on the “Medical Community” button at the top right of the DRAPALIN homepage.
  • Log in with your DocCheck credentials.
  • In the “Order” section, you can view all of our cannabis products that can be ordered with the corresponding PZN and other details, such as product information or shelf life.
  • If you are a new customer, you will have the opportunity to upload your pharmacy business license and allocation letter here.
  • Afterwards, the desired cannabis products can be selected and ordered.
  • As soon as your order of medical cannabis is completed, we will inform you about this by means of an order confirmation and – after the order has been processed – also a shipping confirmation.
  • You will receive the invoice after the successful delivery of the ordered products.

Can I buy medical cannabis directly from DRAPALIN if I have a prescription?

Patients are not allowed to order medical cannabis directly from pharmaceutical wholesalers such as DRAPALIN, even with an appropriate BtM-prescription. Therefore, the purchase by a patient presenting the original BtM-prescription must be made through a pharmacy that can obtain the cannabis medicine through our ordering channels.

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