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The company is composed of highly qualified experts in the pharmaceutical, legal and economic fields. In addition to the permanent staff, DRAPALIN has a network of experts in pharmacy, narcotics and GMP regulations, as well as freelance medical sales representatives.

"DRAPALIN stands for more quality in life!"
Ilya Garev
Managing Director, Co-Founder
"DRAPALIN stands for cooperation based on partnership at all levels!"
Lana Korneva
Managing Director, Co-Founder
"DRAPALIN is your contact for medical cannabis!"
Ivan Garev
Sales Manager, Co-Founder
"Rightly the first in Upper Bavaria!"
Konstantin Lubsky
Head of Legal Department
"We guarantee the highest pharmaceutical quality!"
Dr. Dorothea Kindermann
"Drapalin stands for transparent communication!"
Mélaine Balluneit
Marketing Manager
"DRAPALIN creates knowledge!"
Anne Lehder
Marketing Manager
"Careful bookkeeping is the indispensable condition for a successful company!"
Ekaterina Hauswald
Financial Accountant