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Medical cannabis: The legal situation regarding in Germany

In January 2017, the German Bundestag passed a law allowing the use of cannabis for medical purposes, thereby paving the way for innovative therapies based on medical cannabis. For this purpose it is required that the cannabis are obtained from a production site that is supervised by a cannabis agency.

Before the new law came into force, around 1,000 patients in Germany had an exceptional permit from the Federal Opium Agency to buy cannabis for medical purposes. However, they had to bear the costs for cannabis flowers and extracts themselves.

The change in the legal situation now offers physicians the possibility of prescribing cannabis-based medicines, with the costs being covered by health insurance companies if the required conditions are met.


GMP certification for medical cannabis

The basic requirement for companies producing medical cannabis and exporting it to the EU (seeds) is an appropriate GMP certification. Even though it does not matter whether the cannabis producer is located within or outside the EU, he cannot place his goods on the German market without a valid GMP certificate. This is the only way to ensure that the cannabis products offered in German pharmacies meet the strict quality requirements. Obtaining a license for the wholesale of medical cannabis requires that the product is thoroughly tested throughout its life cycle. Although obtaining such an EU GMP license would be quite interesting for many companies from different countries, in practice they often fail due to the lack of compliance with the specific requirements rather than the costs of the certification process.

DRAPALIN as partner for your GMP certification

In order to import medicinal cannabis into Germany from other EU countries, you have to undergo an inspection by the German institutions. This ensures that, only cannabis of high pharmaceutical quality is offered on the German market.

DRAPALIN is a reliable wholesaler of medical cannabis for pharmacies. It is our responsibility to continuously monitor and improve the quality of products imported into Germany.

We offer consulting services for certified cannabis production, export, certification and obtaining the Good Manufacturing Practice certificate according to the European pharmaceutical standards.

If you are looking to expand your company’s international export potential, we are experts in providing comprehensive auditing and consulting services. We can also provide you with a transparent overview of the costs of a GMP certification process. Contact us today to make your GMP certification for medical cannabis as efficient as possible and secure your breakthrough in Europe’s largest medical cannabis market tomorrow.