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Cannabis connects: Germany, Africa, Ukraine and soccer

DRAPALIN is now bringing three unique strains of medicinal cannabis flowers, each with a different combination of active ingredients, to German pharmacies. The Munich-based company is thereby spanning the spectrum all the way from optimal patient care in Germany, to the expansion of economic structures in Lesotho, to the support of the Ukrainian population, and is now even committed to TSV 1860 Munich

Following the successful product launch in the summer of 2021, DRAPALIN is now offering German pharmacies three additional African cannabis strains in various combinations of active ingredients. These unique cultivars were developed by Lesotho-based producer MG Health specifically for the German market. Breeding such a stable variety usually takes two to three years – and these intensive processes are worthwhile. After all, more than 5,000 patients in Germany are now benefiting from the cannabis variety alone, which has been reliably available for more than a year.

“When we started working with MG Health four years ago, we were personally convinced of the optimal growing conditions and the professionalism of our local partners. Today’s product quality far exceeds our expectations back then,” says Lana Korneva, Managing Director of DRAPALIN.

The Munich-based company has also pursued social objectives from the very beginning. By creating many new jobs, the local producer MG Health secures the livelihoods of around 400 families and thus enhances the local economic and social structures.

The importance of cannabis as a medicine was underscored once again by the war of aggression against Ukraine. This is because cannabis-based medicines can also be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among other conditions. This accelerates Ukraine’s planned legalization of medical cannabis. DRAPALIN will assist Ukrainian patients with a broad product portfolio of medicinal cannabis flowers and cannabis-based extracts when a corresponding “cannabis law” comes into force. The company already donates 10% of the proceeds from every online store order to “Pharmacists without Borders” for Ukraine.

With its new partnership with the TSV 1860 Munich soccer club, the DRAPALIN team has successfully demonstrated once again what can be achieved with a shared vision and a great deal of hard work and cohesion. For two weeks now, a large banner has been hanging in the Munich club stadium with the inscription: “DRAPALIN – Cann a bissl mehr!”

Drapalin Pharmaceuticals GmbH from Munich is the first company to supply medical cannabis from Africa to German pharmacies from the producer MG Health in Lesotho. In addition to high-quality products, DRAPALIN focuses on simple order processing, a reliable logistics network and comprehensive information for professionals. This also includes transparent and open communication regarding the producer, place of origin and production processes.

MG Health is a Lesotho-based company licensed to grow and manufacture pharmaceutical-grade cannabis flowers and products. The company produces according to strict GACP and EU GMP standards. With the support of DRAPALIN, MG Health became the first African producer to export medicinal cannabis from Africa to Europe in July 2021.

Drapalin Pharmaceuticals GmbH
Paul-Heyse-Str. 28
80336 Munich

Phone: +49 (89) 277 801 320
Fax: +49 (89) 277 801 320


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So kaufen Sie medizinisches Cannabis in Deutschland?
Seit dem Inkrafttreten des „Cannabis als Medizin” Gesetzes am 10. März 2017 ist die Verschreibung von Cannabis in Deutschland zu therapeutischen Zwecken legal. Unter ärztlicher Anleitung können Patienten ein Rezept für medizinisches Cannabis erhalten und damit medizinisches Cannabis in verschiedenen Formen erhalten und anwenden.