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According to its own information, Drapalin will cooperate with Coliquio, the largest German-language information platform for physicians. For the first time, 190,000 physicians will have a new opportunity to obtain practical knowledge on the subject of medical cannabis and to exchange ideas.

In a press release, Drapalin explicitly refers to the current discussion surrounding the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. The medical significance that cannabis has acquired in recent years, he says, should not be allowed to recede in comparison, but should be expanded all the more. A topic that Julian Wichmann of Algea Care and Benedikt Sons of Cansativa had also recently discussed.

As a reminder, last summer Drapalin imported cannabis flowers for German patients from Africa for the first time. The company wants to provide detailed information about producers, country of origin and production processes.

So now Drapalin is setting up a Coliquio Infocenter. The goal of the company: to provide fast, professional, well-founded and evidence-based information about medical cannabis. This is done, among other things, through practice-relevant articles on the mechanism of action, areas of application, patient education and cost coverage. In addition Drapalin refers to the technical exchange within a broad expert network: Coliquio offers thereby a free platform to the medical specialized public, on which in topic-specific forums the contributions can be discussed directly.

Access on on-line expert network Coliquio has exclusively certified physicians, dentists as well as psychological Psychotherapeuten and – therapists. The focus is on the exchange of patient cases, diagnoses and therapy options.

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So kaufen Sie medizinisches Cannabis in Deutschland?
Seit dem Inkrafttreten des „Cannabis als Medizin” Gesetzes am 10. März 2017 ist die Verschreibung von Cannabis in Deutschland zu therapeutischen Zwecken legal. Unter ärztlicher Anleitung können Patienten ein Rezept für medizinisches Cannabis erhalten und damit medizinisches Cannabis in verschiedenen Formen erhalten und anwenden.