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Product update: demecan’s supplier network grows, cooperation between drapalin and pax

Drapalin now distributes the PAX Labs 3 vaporizer in Germany and Demecan announces three new supply contracts. Our product update for the medical cannabis market.

Demecan’s expanded supplier network

Demecan says it has signed medical cannabis flower supply agreements with Little Green Pharma (Denmark), Safricanna (South Africa) and Atlas Growers (Canada). Over the next few years, the company will receive supplies of at least six different medicinal cannabis flowers. Subject to regulatory and licensing requirements, these deliveries are to begin this year. The total quantity is expected to be over 2.2 tonnes of dried cannabis flowers in the first delivery year alone.

Demecan is not only an importer and distributor. As one of three companies, it also produced medicinal cannabis in this country and had delivered cannabis flowers from its own cultivation directly to the BfArM for the first time in April.

Cannabis wholesalers Drapalin and PAX Labs: vaporisers

According to its own information, Drapalin has started a cooperation with the Californian company PAX Labs, Inc. The Munich-based company says it is convinced of the quality and uncomplicated application possibilities of the PAX 3 vaporiser model, citing, among other things, the price-performance ratio compared to alternatives on the market.

“Finally, consumers and dispensaries have the opportunity to purchase this exclusive and elegant product through a cannabis wholesaler,” Drapalin founder Ivan Garev is quoted as saying.

The PAX devices work with conduction heat, so there is no combustion. The model Pax 3 Basic KIT can be purchased immediately in the colour sage green in the Drapalin online shop and in the respective partner pharmacies.

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So kaufen Sie medizinisches Cannabis in Deutschland?
Seit dem Inkrafttreten des „Cannabis als Medizin” Gesetzes am 10. März 2017 ist die Verschreibung von Cannabis in Deutschland zu therapeutischen Zwecken legal. Unter ärztlicher Anleitung können Patienten ein Rezept für medizinisches Cannabis erhalten und damit medizinisches Cannabis in verschiedenen Formen erhalten und anwenden.