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DRAPALIN is the new brand for high-quality medical cannabis on the German market.

With the coming into force of the “Cannabis as Medicine” law on March 10, 2017, the possibilities for prescribing medicinal cannabis products were expanded. As a result, medical cannabis flowers have become reimbursable by the statutory health insurance funds.

After this reform of the narcotics law, the founders came up with the idea of establishing a wholesale company for medical cannabis on the German market.

Thus, in December 2017, the founding team consisting of Ilya Garev, Lana Korneva, Anne-Sophie Cavar, Konstantin Lubsky and Ivan Garev launched the company DRAPALIN Pharmaceuticals GmbH based in Munich.

Our team aims to improve the medical cannabis market environment by providing physicians, pharmacists and wholesalers with an extensive logistics network, a quality product that complies with the regulations of the German market, and comprehensive information support through our high service level network.

DRAPALIN aims to become a globally oriented company with a vertically integrated structure that allows us to control the entire life cycle of the product – from cultivation to processing and distribution.

Our goal is to gain a high level of trust in the medical community and promote the well-being of patients in Germany.

DRAPALIN bases its work on the following permits and certificates:


We represent our corporate values with deep conviction and realize them with full passion.
Based on these principles, we focus on achieving the highest standards in our operational activities as a pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Reliable and fast delivery of medical cannabis to public pharmacies as well as to hospital supplying pharmacies in Germany
Informational support of relevant professionals by our highly qualified team of experts.
Promotion of a trustful dialogue between patients and health professionals
High standard
Achieving the highest standards in our activities as a pharmaceutical wholesaler