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Medical cannabis is considered a field of hope for German start-ups. However, demand still exceeds supply. More and more companies are nevertheless entering the market.
Drapalin Pharmaceuticals GmbH is an importer and wholesaler of medicinal cannabis of high pharmaceutical quality and is now making an EU-GMP compliant strain from Lesotho, a landlocked country in South Africa, available to the German market. The product is an indica-dominant hybrid of the Californian variety White Lemon and the local variety Marakabei Local with a high THC content.
German wholesaler Drapalin has become the first company to import medicinal cannabis from Africa. The EU-GMP compliant strain is produced in Lesotho and imported to Germany.
There are, by now, many women working in the ranks of the cannabis industry everywhere. In the international space, they come from literally every walk of life and profession before they “graduated” to cannabis – and in some cases are starting their career working in the space. They are also increasingly taking their places as some of the most integral cogs of the wheel – even if they are still in short supply at the top of companies and on boards.
The last four years since medical cannabis has been legalized have brought both praise and criticism. And now? Now is time to improve what can be improved. We asked experts from industry, politics, medicine, and also lawyers and patients: What do they see as future opportunities and risks and what are their wishes for the future of medical cannabis in Germany? After the federal elections, there are good chances that the new government will readjust the law on cannabis as medicine.
Heute vor vier Jahren trat das Gesetz “Cannabis als Medizin” in Kraft und ermöglichte chronisch erkrankten Patienten*innen den Zugang zu medizinischem Cannabis sowie die Erstattung durch ihre Krankenkassen. Die Freude und die Erwartungen waren groß. Von 800.000 Patienten:innen gingen Experten:innen analog zu nordamerikanischen Verhältnissen aus. Wir haben Ärzte, Unternehmer:innen, Anwälte:inne und Berater:innen, Apotheker, Patienten:innen, Verbände und Politiker:innen gefragt: Hat das Gesetz gehalten, was es versprochen hat?
Linseed oil, walnut oil or avocado oil - the choice of edible oils has long since gone beyond the classics such as sunflower or olive oil. Hemp oil also counts as one of the healthiest vegetable cooking oils and is more popular than ever for good reason. But what makes hemp oil so unique and valuable? Is it deservingly receiving more and more attention? We take a look behind the scenes.
Drapalin Pharmaceuticals, Munich
Founded by three childhood friends from Ukraine, Drapalin is one of the few firms in the business to have a female CEO (Lana Korneva). She along with the Garev brothers founded the company in 2018.
DRAPALIN Pharmaceuticals GmbH is offering a series of free CME-certified webinars on the topic of "Medical Cannabis" in 2021. With this, the wholesale company has set itself the goal of not only expanding the availability of high-quality medical cannabis on the German market, but also offering comprehensive specialist information for doctors, pharmacists and other interested medical professionals.

The training series starts on 20.01.2021 with a webinar by Dr. med. Stephan Konrad on the topic "Cannabis and Cannabinoids for Pain - From Indication to Therapy in Practice"
The company Drapalin Pharmaceuticals GmbH plans to import approximately 400 kg of medical cannabis by the end of 2020. Long-term supply contracts will ensure reliable availability of medicinal cannabis flowers until 2023. From 2021, Drapalin will expand the current range to include medicinal strains from other suppliers as well as full-spectrum extracts.
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