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German wholesaler imports cannabis from Lesoth

German wholesaler Drapalin has become the first company to import medicinal cannabis from Africa. The EU-GMP compliant strain is produced in Lesotho and imported to Germany.

For the import, Munich-based Drapalin is working with MG Health, a medical cannabis company based in Lesotho. MG Health is the first African company whose products have been approved according to EU GMP guidelines applicable in Germany.

According to MG Health’s own statements, the local economy also benefits from the cooperation. For example, more than 400 jobs have been created locally in Marakabei. The imported cannabis strain is a cross between California’s White Lemon genetics and Marakabei Local, a strain native to Africa with a high THC content.

“We are incredibly proud to be the first company to import medical cannabis from Africa. Working with our partner MG Health from Lesotho, we have made history with this,” said Lana Korneva, co-founder and CEO of Drapalin in a report at Press Portal.

The plants are grown at MG Health’s production facility in the mountains of Lesotho. The flowers are hand-picked and undergo random testing by a third-party lab before harvest.

In 2017, Lesotho became the first African country to receive a license to legally grow cannabis. Cannabis can also be legally grown in Ghana, as long as the plants have a THC content of less than 30%. Malawi and Zimbabwe, for example, are among the world’s largest tobacco exporters. Cannabis would have the potential to replace tobacco as a top export, the cultivation of which can be a significant burden on the environment.

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So kaufen Sie medizinisches Cannabis in Deutschland?
Seit dem Inkrafttreten des „Cannabis als Medizin” Gesetzes am 10. März 2017 ist die Verschreibung von Cannabis in Deutschland zu therapeutischen Zwecken legal. Unter ärztlicher Anleitung können Patienten ein Rezept für medizinisches Cannabis erhalten und damit medizinisches Cannabis in verschiedenen Formen erhalten und anwenden.