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Call for help from Ukraine: we donate 1,000 CBD oils

Ukrainian Ivan Garev, one of the founders of drapalin, has been taking care of aid packages sent to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. A special call directly from the war zone is crucial for our CBD oil aid package, which is already on its way to Ukraine.

Since 22.02.2022 there is war in Ukraine. War in Europe. Putin’s war. What was unimaginable a few weeks ago has now become merciless reality. Many of the people from the affected cities are fleeing the Russian invasion and are looking for help in the form of food or a safe place to stay. But there are also Ukrainians and other volunteer soldiers who are standing up to Putin’s military and not giving up their country.

Munich-based Ivan Garev recently contacted us with a request to send CBD oils to Ukraine. The request itself reached him through a Ukrainian military psychologist who wants to hand out CBD to the soldiers. At first this may sound very strange, but on reflection it makes sense. After many soldiers have complaints about falling asleep and using a quiet minute or two to come down CBD comes into play here. CBD is said to have a calming, anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving effect, which could have a positive impact here.

We provided 1,000 CBD oils from the HempCrew brand worth €50,000 to Ivan to send to Ukraine.

We asked Ivan in the Weedo Store some questions about the current situation but also about his background in his home country. You can find out more here in our YouTube video:

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